4th launch (14-Jan-1996)

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(This is only a short description of the flight due to lack of time)

Balloon launch 14-Jan-1996:

Launch:        # 4
Launch date:   14-Jan-1996
Launch time:   12:31 UTC
Launch site:   5 miles N of airport Muenster-Osnabrueck (JO32UF)

Payload DLØART/am:
QRG/mod.:  (1) Telemetry beacon: 145,200 MHz  F2D & F2A
           (2) 2nd beacon:       144.987 MHz  F1A (call & info text)
           (3) Crossband repeater (F3E):
                 Uplink:    432.575 MHz
                 Downlink:  144.475 MHz
           (4) RX for remote control on 70 cm and 10 m (back up)
Power:     (1) 2 W
           (2) 100 mW
           (3) 2.5 W
Antennas:  (1) groundplane
           (2) turnstile
           (3) big wheels for 2 m and for 70 cm
           (4) 70 cm: groundplane / 10 m: lambda/4 vertical
Power supply: (1), (3) & (4): 5 D cells LiSO2 in series (=14.4 V, 6 Ah)
              (2) 1 D cell LiSO2 (3 V) and step-up to 9 V
Diameter ballon: ca. 8.5 ft
Gas:       hydrogen
Parachute: ca. 6 ft
Weight:    4550 g (over all)
Lift rate: ca. 300 g

The balloon has a gaz valve which can be opened to reduce the lift 
rate or start the touchdown procedure.

Schematic of balloon

Talk back of DF teams via 70 cm repeater Osnabrueck, DBØCO (R75).

10:00  ARTOB team meets at Armin's QTH
11:20  arrival at launch site
12:10  filling the balloon
11.55  phone call to DFS (= German FAA)
12:31  LAUNCH
       The balloon lifts steadily and drifts to W/NW
14:30  Touchdown of balloon

Tochdown site:       near Getelo / Dutch boarder (JO32KM)
Touchdown distance:  47 miles

Flight Data
Altitude (a.s.l.)75 ft10,185 ft170 ft75 ft
Outside Temperature20 deg F47 deg F38 deg F45 deg F
Inside Temperature49 deg F61 deg F53 deg F57 deg F
Battery Voltage13,84 V14,24 V14,17 V14,19 V

If you heard our sigs, pse send QSL via PR / Internet / buro - all will be answered with our DLØART/am QSL cards! Any suggestion or response is always welcome!

Best 73, Oliver

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Schematic of balloon

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